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Special needs catered for

Individual needs are taken into account through continuous assessment and developmental planning. This helps to assist learning. A designated Key Worker will take into account a child’s preferences and implement an Individual Care Plan identifying their specific needs. Diet and nutritional needs are monitored by our Cook who refers to the child’s intake in their daily diary so as to assist in the planning of meals to allow children to have a good choice of food.

Specialist facilities

The surrounding grounds have several areas of interest and stimulation including a sensory garden, patio area, work shed, vegetable and fruit patch, water play area, play equipment, all weather paths, coppice and nature area with a pond and small animal area. Indoors, children are able to use the sensory room, craft centre, kitchen and a playroom outside of school hours.

Support services provided

We commission the services of experienced occupational and speech & language therapists who can be accessed by the young people following an assessment of their needs. The assessment is carried out by those involved in their care and support. When commissioned our therapists receive support from the head of care & education along with input from the team. Our therapists access clinical supervision from a trained and qualified external supervisor. All Therapists have the required qualifications, DBS checks and appropriate insurances. The therapists produce a report and recommendation that are discussed with the senior management and the direct care staff and put in to action; these are reviewed every six month by the therapist to measure the outcomes. All reports will be shared with the placing authority allocated social worker and where appropriate the parents or guardian

General environment

The residential provision is in a 1920s house. The home has been converted to make it suitable for the provision of care whilst maintaining a homely feel. There are eight single bedrooms which can be personalised to the needs and preferences of the young person and provide a comforting and private environment. We employ full time cleaning staff to ensure the children’s rooms are always kept to the highest standards of cleanliness. For day to day activity, there is one large dining room, two living rooms – one for family type activities and one for children who have visitors or want to sit in a quiet area. There is a variety of equipment provided to suit differing relaxation styles - T.V, CD and DVD players and a Wii for fun and games.

Aims and philosophy

We aim to be the best in class in every area in which we operate. The vision for Our Place is to provide the children with an environment in which they feel cherished and secure, happy and safe, clean and healthy, fulfilled and content.

Staff qualification and selection

A large proportion of the staff team have had prior training up to NVQ3 in Caring for Children or equivalent or higher qualifications, those that don’t hold the minimum qualification (NVQ 3) prior to starting will undertake training for the Level 3 Children and Young People’s Workforce Diploma or Advanced Apprenticeship in Children’s Care and Learning Development soon after completion of their probationary period. Many of the staff will have previous experience in the field of Severe Learning Disabilities and challenging behaviour and will have additional qualifications such as B.A (Hons) degrees in other areas such as Drama, Art and Music education.


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