Helen Allison School - Part of the NAS Education Group

Special needs catered for

As autism specialists we aim to offer your children with autism the education they need to develop their self-confidence, their academic skills and their life skills.

Specialist facilities

At Helen Allison School, we want the learning environment we provide to be fully suited to children with autism. We have eight classrooms, each with a main work area, a one-to-one work room for when a child needs time apart, a domestic area and cloakroom and toilet facilities.

On top of the hall, dining room and kitchen, we have specialist classrooms for Music, Science, Art, Design and Technology and a fully equipped library. We have WiFi and use iPads across the school.

Our outdoor areas include a play area with swings and a climbing frame, a grass play area, a garden and a conservation area.

Support services provided

An NAS senior educational psychologist is available to support and advise, particularly on issues relating to challenging behaviour. We also have a speech and language therapist and a specialist PE teacher, a music teacher and an expressive arts teacher, and secondary subject specialist teachers.

Home school links

Our Hub for post-16 students is located in Longfield, and students spend much of their week partaking in work experience or learning activities in the community – they are also able to access Hall Place and Hadlow College, where they are able to pursue a number of qualifications.

There is a range of home/school links including home/school books, regular meetings with teachers, telephone calls, parent lunches and a Parents and Friends Association.

General environment

Our primary and secondary classes are on separate corridors, but we encourage students to mix during assembly, breaks, mentoring, and activity time. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including sport, to help develop your child’s confidence and self-esteem, and we run daytime clubs to allow pupils to do something they enjoy alone or to socialise with pupils of all ages from the school.

We place great emphasis on encouraging and supporting our pupils to go out into the community, as well as going on school trips, such as camping overnight and activity days out.

Aims and philosophy

We want every child with autism to receive the education that they deserve, and for them to feel happy and valued at school. Our aim is to support them to achieve and to make a positive contribution to the world. The school has developed positive links with local community services and pupils are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle and are supported in this by physical exercise programmes, a healthy diet and monitoring of health needs. All pupils have an individualised education programme to bring out their unique potential.

Staff qualification and selection

All our staff are professional, caring and dedicated and are trained to work with young people with autism.

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Helen Allison School - Part of the NAS Education Group
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